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Ultra X Prime Testosterone Perform 12 times in 4 sets for men, women for 10 in 3. Exercises for the muscles of the back: - development and strengthening of the trapezius muscles of the back. Starting position: stand up, feet shoulder width apart, back straight. It will take a chair. In a tilt, lean with one hand on the chair seat, take a dumbbell in the second and lower it to the floor. We pull the dumbbell to the chest, moving the elbow to the side and back. Perform 10 times in 4 sets for men, 8 times in 2 sets for women. - strengthening and development of the muscles of the upper back belt. Starting position too. Dumbbells in both hands. We spread our arms to the sides at shoulder level, then bend at the elbows, pulling the dumbbells to the chest, and keep the horizontal line of the hands.

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