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John F. Foley

Science Signaling: 5 January 2016

1 min read

The first issue of Science Signaling of 2016 is out today, and with it comes our traditional look back at the studies that provided breakthroughs in signaling-related research in 2015. These include analyses of cell death mechanisms, insights into the pathogenesis or treatment of diseases such as cancer, and signals used by parasitic plants. You can also listen to a Podcast interview with Chief Scientific Editor Michael Yaffe and Editor Nancy Gough about the current state of signal transduction research. In addition, there are original research papers, including a study by Iain Fraser's group and collaborators on differences in signaling protein use exhibited by Toll-like receptors in human and mouse cells. Such analysis of conserved and species-specific use of signaling proteins could help in study and treatment of human autoimmune diseases.